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Realtime system monitoring service

Vos3000hosting monitoring service is a great tool to get instant notification to your own email/sms as soon as the server / gateway / database / website…is downed without manually monitoring by the eyes that takes much time for business. The tool works automatically, it is best assistant to build your service quality for stability with your customers and enrich your business value.





24/7 monitoring

Checks run as often as every minute

Check your web site and search for text to make sure your site is functioning properly

Create notification lists of email addresses and SMS numbers

Monitor other critical services including VOIP Gateway, Database, PBX, Softswitch, SMTP, IMAP, Ping, and DNS...

View your check stats with information on uptime and average response time


FREE NOW https://clientarea.vos3000hosting.com/real-time-system-monitoring-service-to-email-sms-free

FULL GUIDE URL: https://clientarea.vos3000hosting.com/knowledgebase/79/Guide---Realtime-monitoring-service.html

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I love VOS3000 hosting service, my wholesale minute business is more valuable, system handle calls very well. The soft-switch is stable, even my customers send thousand of channels. In addition, network is real tier-1 directly, the quality of voice is great and the ACD value of my calls are improved higher. My customer is happy since i use VOS3000 hosting service here.
by Andrew Chan, from VoiceTek LLC.

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